From my 6 months of living in Hamburg, I can conclude that Hamburg weather has two extremes: the Super rainy or the super hot. Either way, it did not suit my temperate, tropical lifestyle back home in Indonesia, but I still enjoyed my time there thanks to some small things I did. During some of Hamburg’s hottest days, the main concern was dehydration. Sooner of later I found that I was sweating more than I could drink. I spend a lot of times outdoors, cycling, walking, eating out in the parks and meeting friends.

But being outdoors means staying hydrated. Normally, I’d wake up, do my daily routines of practicing English and jump straight into a nice greasy breakfast, coupled with a cold glass of orange juice. I’d also bring one bottle of water with me when I go out. But when you’ve got plums sitting on your cupboard or your kitchen shelf, the logical thing to do would be to make something out of them.

Choosing your plum

If you don’t have plums at the ready, there are plenty of shops in and around Hamburg that you can buy them from. Most shops have them ripe and ready to eat, some of them are juiced and some of them are dried, but that’s not the issue, it really is personal preference. I like to have my plums dried, but I also like to keep a dozen ripe ones, because I could turn the juicy ripe ones into other recipes.

I like to juice them myself and turn it into a smoothie that I can take with me before, during and after my day out. The only requirement is knowing how to boil and blend – that’s it. Ready? Here we go.

Juicing Plums

Plums are extremely rich in fibre and probiotics, so I always try my best to keep the nutrients in the juice and not take out too much out, otherwise the whole exercise would be pointless. To juice them, start by boiling them in hot water for no more than 3 minutes. Afterwards, remove them from the stove and let them cool off. Once they’re cooled, take the pits out.

Get your blender ready and once you’ve taken the pits out, blend them and do a good job of it! Plums are naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add sugar, but if you feel that it’s not sweet enough for your taste, I’d recommend adding a teaspoon. You can do the same thing with peaches and apricots, but it’s their delicious purple-red hue mixed with a refreshing aroma that has the plum stain my brain.

But why stop there? Humanity didn’t get to where it’s at today by simply stopping after a minor accomplishment. We need to add a bit of flair to your juice and make a super smoothie.

Toss in some apples in there and a pinch of cinnamon. You have a satisfying fibre-rich drink that will quench your thirst for the day. You can be creative here and even add some grapes and peaches. The reason I love plums so much is that you have plenty of working space and can add a host of other fruits into your smoothie.

Because of the fibre that plums have, I sometimes use it as a food substitute, because I often need to feel full in a short amount of time. Eating a full meal just doesn’t cut it, so I sometimes just drink any leftover plum juice. We often hear a lot of people talk about apples, bananas and oranges, but it surprises me that no one ever talks about the plum. It reaps benefits, from filling you up to keeping you hydrated.