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A number of experts, such as authors, doctors and nutritionists, give us the opportunity to provide you with the right products for your individual situation.

Erika West

“A healthy gut is the linchpin of our health.” Erika West is a nutrition and health consultant who focuses particularly on the topic of the intestine. Whether online congresses or e-books, she is the contact person when it comes to our largest organ. Erika realizes with us different projects like a fasting retreat in the Basque Country in spring, coaching, interviews or podcasts. She has also developed 2 cures for us.

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Sven Sparding

Based on the conviction that fasting can help almost every person in the modern world, Sven supports thousands of people to integrate fasting into their lives, to change their diet and to manage their weight successfully and on a long-term basis. At the beginning of 2016 this heart’s work resulted in the foundation of iamfasting. His focus is on spreading the great possibilities with interval fasting. Sven has already had the opportunity to report on the extraordinarily practical methodology in 3Sat, Spiegel Wissen and various other formats. For us he has developed two cures for interval fasting.

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Dr. med. Nike Arnstadt

“For me “Integrative Medicine” means the combination of conventional medicine with complementary medical treatment methods – the combination of the best possible treatment options for your well-being! Nike Arnstadt individually combines her clinical knowledge in internal medicine, physical medicine and orthopaedics and pain therapy with her profound training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, manual medicine and neural therapy as well as nutritional medicine. “Intestinal flora, skin and immune system communicate together.” A healthy intestinal flora also ensures a radiant skin.”

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Celia Schönstedt

“In beautiful Ottensen (and in Eimsbüttel) I have my heart healing practice for holistic women’s health, where I have been working as an alternative practitioner since 2017. There I mainly accompany women with hormone-related as well as other complaints and diseases that can occur in a woman’s life. These are natural contraceptive methods, cycle problems, menstrual cramps, unfulfilled desire for children, cysts, fibroids, menopausal problems, adrenal weakness, thyroid problems, miscarriages and their “natural” end or various complaints during pregnancy.

In the same way, themes such as being a woman per se, difficulties with one’s own femininity play a role,
Fears, panic attacks, stressful psychological states, suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences, relationship problems and much more play a role in my daily work in practice. Denn ich arbeite zum einen naturheilkundlich, zuvor allem auf Basis der Anthroposophischen Medizin und Spagyrik, und zum andere energetisch, mit herzgeleiteter Körperpsychotherapie und bindungsorientiertem Paarcoaching.”

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