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what you at all Louie's green plum can buy

our laxplum comes from the area of taibao in the south of taiwan and is popularly called chinese plum.

the laxplum freshly picked from the tree, tastes extremely sour and is delicious only by the fermentation, drying and coating with various ingredients.

Only our green laxplum from Asia can, in our experience, provide immediate relief for intestinal inertia. we make no promise of salvation. The plums are not medicine. Plums are also known in our latitudes for their potential laxative effect.

our green european pumplum is already delicious right after your harvest. We harvest them from Demeter Hof Sommerfeld in the Vier & Marschlanden south-east of Hamburg. it is fermented with kombucha, so important probiotics arise that can support your intestinal activity. the fiber of the plum, that is the prebiotics of the plum, additionally support your digestion.

After fermentation we dry the pumplums at 40 ° C to preserve vitamins and minerals. then your plumplums will receive a delicious coat of natural and valuable ingredients such as spirulina, dates and gluten-free oatmeal. The result is our delicious powerballs. Plumplums are a mini porridge meal or a delicious snack in between.

what connects both plums is the fact that both are fermented, dried and encased. As a result, both products have the ingredients that matter:

  • special bacterial cultures
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • Fiber, prebiotics.

our inka is a purely north german deern. Here in Hamburg, we call the raw material root. We harvest them from the bio demeterhof sommerfeld in the four and marschlanden in the south-east of hamburg.

We test your natural taste by scribing the outer layer. The ingkas taste raw right as they should taste, sweet and sustainable. the strand in the middle of the root is cut out because it becomes slightly bitter in the fermentation. we use it for smoothies.

After fermentation, the ingkas are processed into small carrot cakes with gluten-free oatmeal, nutmeg, cinnamon and dates.

ingkas are a mini porridge meal or a delicious snack for in between or dessert.

Oxygen, our organic apple vinegar comes from the native Basque Country. He is harvested by hand on a small organic farm. the apples grow on orchards. We harvest them in september. They are processed into cider and fermented to vinegar about a year later. It is a pure natural product. We sell our oxygen alive, that means there is still a little vinegar in the product.

Almost t is our fast tea, which perfectly complements the laxplums. It consists of 100% organic tea and herbs, such as green mint, green tea, nettleweed and lemongrass. By their nature, the herbs are not available in organic quality all year round. So we put it together only once a year. when he's gone, he's gone.

das gleiche gilt für balance. balance kräutertee ist für dich da, wenn es bei dir um ausgleich zu deinem aktiven alltag geht. er schmeckt köstlich nach sahne und zitrone.