Questions & answers


is the packaging environmentally friendly?

The packaging of the products is 100% environmentally friendly and fully compostable.
The bottle of oxygen is made of glass.  

Do pumplum and laxplum come from the same variety of plum?

the laxplum and plumplum come from 2 different types of plums. both are green, but have different characteristics. The laxplum, for example, is much more acidic and harder and tastes unprocessed not good.

why are the plums fermented?

through the fermentation, the plums get a wonderful depth of taste and above all things develop great ingredients on which your intestinal flora is pleased.

are all ingredients 100% organic?

The ingredients of the plumplum are 100% organic, the plum itself comes from the Demeter Hof Sommerfeld near Hamburg.
The laxplum is a natural fruit. The ingredients of the laxplum are not 100% organic. the ingredients for the fermentation process are not certified organic. Nevertheless, we had them examined by a German laboratory and included a certificate of 100% pesticide-free.

Do I have to go to the toilet immediately after eating a laxplum?

not immediately. If you take the plum with plenty of warm water in the evenings before you go to bed, you can expect it to start the next morning.

how should I take the laxplum?

Take it in the evening before going to bed and drink a large glass of warm water.

How long are the products durable?

the laxplums, like the oxygen, are stable for 12 months. the plumplums and ingkas they are produced fresh every week and so far it has been the case that the fermentation process continues steadily.

Although they are good 2 months preserved but by the continuous fermentation changes the taste. In order to prevent further misunderstandings, we recommend our customers to eat plumplums and ingkas within a week.