we love to ferment.


how an ancient tradition from taiwan has awakened our passion for fermentation.


already in my teenage years, I had always had the dream to start my own company at some point. As a young boy I already sold chestnut figures on our street corner to earn some pocket money. this entrepreneurial joy has always been preserved over the years. After numerous ideas and attempts, I finally realized that I wanted to distribute a tangible product, where, firstly, I could stand behind one hundred percent and at the same time help people in their everyday life.

after finishing highschool in my hometown hamburg i went on a world tour for a year and who travels knows it - the topic of digestion can quickly become a problem in a foreign country. going to the toilet is not always easy and the right foods to stimulate digestion are not always easy to find.

this was also the case during my stay in taiwan when i was struggling with severe constipation for over a week. Since I absolutely did not want to use chemical laxatives from the local pharmacy, only natural remedies came into question for me.

At the same time, my brother Julian spent a semester abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, where he also met his Taiwanese friend Mango.

She heard about my complaints and then recommended a fermented, green plum, which her family has been using as a natural laxative for generations.

I was immediately impressed by the effect, but found it too sour for our European taste.

how it goes on:

a year later, and now enrolled at the uni passau, I became increasingly interested in health issues, especially fasting and methods of detoxifying my body. as a big fan of dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, known for his expertise in integrative medicine, participated together with my mother in the summer of 2017 in his "fast wandering" guided by him personally.

During this time we were offered a similar version of the green plum I already knew as a purification method. the incredible effect of the "magical" plum from the far east - also known as the chinese plum - impressed us so much that we wanted to order more plums immediately.

to our great surprise, similar plums were hard to find in germany, whereupon we realized the huge demand in germany and the immense market potential of the plum. this potential in combination with the increase in the number of people with digestive problems in germany and our opinion about the lack of natural alternatives for natural intestinal evacuation, inspired us  even taking the lead in developing a healthy snack to make a positive contribution to the promotion of natural remedies in europe.

For a while, we tested various plums from several manufacturers in Asia who initially did not meet our quality standards and in some cases produced "interesting" results.  after all, we found ours in southern taiwans  great laxplum. We had them tested by the Hamburg institute 'Eurofins' and in February 2019 received a certificate on 100% free from pesticides. the laxplum is in our opinion the only plum of its kind that is traded in europe and has a certificate. 

In the meantime, we are a small plum team in Asia and Germany and supply our customers in Germany, Austria and France.

Fortunately, not all people need to boost their digestion. Today, many are simply looking for a healthy snack that can additionally support their intestines. 

In the meantime, we are fermenting German organic demeter products such as apples, plums and carrots, from which we create delicious delicacies.

our ingka is a little carrot cake with carrots and ginger. 

her sister, the plumplum is a probiotic plum ball, which we makel with gluten-free oatmeal and chia seeds. 

Our äppelmates are fermented and dried apple chips. 


all three are really great snacks for an active bowel and can help you through some of the performance lows or even replace a simple breakfast.

All of our products are packaged in 100% bio-degradable packaging that belongs in the bio-waste.

the next addition to our product range is a wonderfully soft organic cider vinegar from the Basque Country. we call it 'oxygen' and it is not pasteurized. on the one hand, the cidre vinegar has an antibacterial effect, which simultaneously combats the putrefactive bacteria in the intestinal flora and can thus prevent blockages.

Two great teas have also featured in our assortment: 'almost T', a bio fasting tea and 'balance', a delicious herbal cream with creamy lemon flavor that will make you come down. both tees complement each other wonderfully with the laxplum.

 almost T contains ingredients such as stinging nettle and spearmint, which help in the process of fasting and thus facilitate a cleansing cure. 

at the moment i live in passau,  hamburg and if i make it biarritz, our residence in the bask country and spend my free time with my labrador / border collie bitch beltza.

I play football and as a personal trainer and nutritionist I always have one or two clients to look after. 

Louie with Julian and Kerstin Louie's grünepflaume.