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How an ancient tradition from Taiwan has awakened our passion for fermentation.

In the summer of 2017 I went “fasting” with my mother. For defecation we were offered enemas or EPSOM’s salt. Not beautiful and simply disgusting in taste. We thought to ourselves: there must be an alternative and went on a search.

We have found what we were looking for in Taiwan

We knew that somewhere in the world there must be a delicious and gentle laxative method. We found what we were looking for in Taiwan. We have discovered there green fermented plums that do us this service. One laxplum is enough for us to defecate. Plums only grow in South-East Asia, as you can see here.

We had them tested by the Hamburg institute ‘Eurofins’ and in February 2019 we received a certificate of 100% pesticide free. In our opinion, laxplum is the only plum of its kind that is traded in Europe and has a certificate. In the meantime we are a small plum team in Asia and Germany and supply our customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Initially, our customers were mostly private people who suffer from constipation or are fasting fans. Now organizers for chamfering journeys and on-line shops for full nutrition have dazugesellt themselves.

Fortunately, not all people need to boost their digestion. Many people today are simply looking for a healthy snack that can additionally support their intestines.

Excellent ferments

We now ferment German, regional Demeter organic products. With us the fermentation pots bubble and gurgle. At our local organic market and in our online shop you can buy kimchi,fermented juices without salt and ferments depending on the season or participate in a fermentation workshop. In addition, we brew every week in our Altona production kitchen delicious Kombucha with different flavours like classic or berry. We also have a ‘ginger bug’ that conjures up a delicious, almost completely sugar-free ginger lemonade every week.

The latest addition is our nettle limo – fermented nettle with a super high content of iron, vitamin C and many probiotics. All our products are packed in 100% compostable packaging, which belongs in the organic waste. Every year my mother Kerstin spends the autumn in the beautiful Basque country. In September she helps there among other things with the apple harvest. Back in Hamburg she has our wonderfully gentle organic apple cider vinegarwith her. We call it ‘Sauerstoff’ It’s not pasteurized. On the one hand, cider vinegar has an antibacterial effect, which at the same time fights the putrefactive bacteria in the intestinal flora and can thus prevent constipation.

Louie and Kerstin from Louie’s green plum wish you bon appétit.

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